Virtuti Militari The Order of the Virtuti Militari has been established by the King Stanislaus August. It is the highest Polish military decoration for the gallantry in the battle. There are five classes of the Order.
I class - The Great Cross granted to the heads of states.
II class - The Commander Cross granted to the distinguished military commanders.
III class - Cavalier Cross
IV class - Golden Cross
V class - Silver Cross
Virtuti Militari is an equivalent of the Amercian Medal of Honor and British Victoria Cross.



list of Popiels decorated with the Polish highest military order, Virtuti Militari. Data obtained form the site of professor dr. col. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski at . At this time we do not have detailed information on the circumstances of award or sometimes dates. If anybody can furnish these details we will appreciate it.

Popiel, (?) December 26, 1807 Silver cross
Popiel, Leszek 1939-1945 Silver cross
Popiel, Ludwik 1939-1945 Silver cross
Popiel, Ludwik September 15, 1831 Silver cross
Popiel, Mikolaj  April 24, 1946 Silver cross
Popiel, Waclaw July 25, 1831 Golden cross
Popiel, Waclaw January 9, 1947 Silver cross
Popiel, Wladyslaw October 2, 1968 Silver cross
Popiel, Wladyslaw July 27, 1922 Silver cross
Popiel, Wladyslaw May 10, 1922 Silver cross
Popiel, Wojciech 1939-1945 Silver and golden cross


Interested in the order Virtuti Militari shall visit the site of professor dr. col. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski at


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