Popiel Waclaw coat of arms Sulima (1811-1898), a gentryman.
The Popiels bearing arms Sulima with byname Chosciak come from Steczko Popiel and Siemion Popiel. The latter's son was a Drohiczyn cupbearer and Czernichow standardbearer Jacek, who first moved his family to Sandomierz province. His brothers Andrzej and Jan stayed in Ruthenia. Jacek's successors were among leading nobles of the land. Stanislaw was a Zydaczow swordbearer and standardbearer, Konstanty was a Sandomierz vice-palatine and Pawel was a Malogoszcz and later Sandomierz castellan. Konstanty, Franciszek, Pawel and pawel's son Konstanty were king's electors and parliament members representing Sandomierz province.

Waclaw Popiel, son of Sandomierz castellan Konstanty and Zofia, daughter of Marcin Badeni, owners of czaple Wielkie in Miechow county and Chocimow in Opatow county established what it is know as the Popiels' archives Born in 1811 in Krakow, attended Warsaw University. He served as subleutenant in the November Uprising army and took part in battles of Nowa Wies, Kock, Markuszew, Lubartow, Stary Zamosc, Paprotnia, Warszawa, Rypnin and Kaluszyn where he was severely wounded. He was awarded a cross of Virtuti Militari IV class. In 1837 he married Ewa (Ewelina) countess Lubienska, Feliks Lubienski's, a minister in Warsaw Duchy Government granddaughter. For a few years he ran his estate in Czaple Wielkie and moved to Turcza, another estate. In 1877 he moved to Warszawa, where he was acive in politics and social matters. Waclaw Popiel was a deputy Chairman of the Charitable Association. In 1846 the Government Commission of Internal Affairs confirmed him as a head of Chocimow township in Opatow county, District of Radom. Since 1854 he was a member and later a Chairman of the Civic Committee for Construction of the Sokolow-Kaluszyn Road. Since 1860 Waclaw Popiel was a judge of peace in Wegrow circuit, Lublin province. In 1862 he retired from the judical post. Apart from the above Popiel served as a Chairman of the Cicic Committee for Construction of the Church in Korytnica. He co-owned a warsaw newspaper "Slowo". Died in 1898 in Warsaw.

Warsaw, July 1972, by mgr Barbara Janicka

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