Dear Mickey! Probably you did not expect this letter! It is 30 years or so, since we had seen each other, but I did not forget my dearest instructor (teacher) who prepared me for an entry exam to 3rd High School, and never will. How fast the time have run! I've got your address from Martha from Czechoslovakia, long time ago, but I wasn't sure if you want to correspond with me. Finally, I decided to give a try and it would be an honor to me if you answer this letter.  
Probably you remember that for a time I lived in France and I got married there (in 1948) a widow with 12-years old son. Her mom was an American of Ukrainian roots and therefore we decided to move to America. Our kids were born in Paris. Ola is 14, Alex will be 13 at the end of January, and the eldest son, (my stepson) is now 30, he obtained law degree in America and works for an insurance company. He is married and has a daughter (1 year). My wife Vala completed not long time ago a college and works in a High School (she teaches German and French). You probably know about me from Martha: I work at (...) of the North Dakota University, I teach a history of French language and literature. Apart from that, of course, I play chess and quite often I'm having (...) in spite of being 60. In 1969 I will have a one-year-vacation, perhaps I'' go to France, or perhaps I'll stop by your place if the international conditions will be better. We expect that Asian war will come to and end quickly, since majority of the (society?) requires peace, demonstrating against war, in many cities there are riots, many young people evade military service, etc. We expect that our government will try to terminate war in nearest (...), because this year we will have presidential election. Bodo lives in Chicago. He is already on pension. Good for him! Manko in New York, too, and he and Nadzieja work for a bank. Their son will graduate from a school of medicine in two years. Orest is an attorney in Chicago, he has two daughters (7 and 3). 
And how are you doing? How is Adriana, How about the kids and grandchildren? Are there any of our school friends still living in Drohobycz? If so, give them my sincere hi and ask them to write to me. I would like so much to be in touch with you, even by writing. What is going on in Tustanowicze? Who lives now in that house, where we used to spend our vacations and holidays? Daria lives in Canada, with her son Slavek. She is 70. We are helping her since surviving on pension is not fun and Slavek is (...) and a drunk. She cannot expect from him



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