Rodzina, Herbarz szlachty polskiej, opracowany przez Seweryna hrabiego Uruskiego (Armorial of Polish Nobility by Severin count Uruski). Warszawa 1906, T. 14



OPIEL, coat of arms SAS. Propagated in Ruthenia, Podole and Ukraine. Szczepan 1782., Antoni and Bazyli 1808 roku, Pawel and Tomasz 1809r., Jakub, Jan, Michal and Onufry 1820 roku, a Jan and Jozef, sons of Bazyli, Andrzej, Franciszek, Grzegorz, Stefan and Wojciech, grandsons, Ignacy and Jan, great grandsons of  Antoni, 1848 accounted for in the Galicia's Nobility Department.
Stanislaw's sons Jan and Karol confirmed as nobles in the Emporium (Austrian-Hungary) and recorded in the Podole Nobility Registry, and out of them Jan had a son named Stanislw-Marek, and Karol confirmed in the Kingdom (Russian partition) in 1847.

POPIEL, coat of arms SULIMA. The senators in the family: Jozef, castellan of Sierpc 1762., Lviv 1777., resigned 1781. Pawel, castellan of Malogoszcz, 1774., Sandomierz, 1784.
Widely propagated family in Ruthenia, bearing by-names such as Brosznowski, Chosciak, Chwostyk, Hunczak, Kolodrub, Lastowczak, Oleszkowicz, Romanowicz and others; till the middle of 17th century in majority yeomen, since then two lineages became dignitaries and came to high offices, particularly in Malopolska; they allegedly originated in a village called Popiele, nearby Drohobycz in Ruthenia.

Hrycz and Tyszko, the brothers were granted in 1549 a king's privilege and a village Ratyczne(?) in Drohobycz County. Jan and Jacek, the sons of Jan 1590,  Bartlomiej and Walenty, the sons of Maciej, 1598., Jan, son of Mikolaj, 1600.
Jan and Jerzy, the sons of Andrzej, 1621. Anna, a wife of Stefan Biesiekierski, the king's courtier 1630. Gabryel, Iwan and Roman, king's electors in 1632 of Ruthenian province. Jan, son of Jana, 1660. Samuel's (from Krystyna Izycki) sons: Hrehory, Jacek, Mikolaj and Stefan 1663 roku; out of them, Jacek had sons: Jan, Michal and Stefan.
Stefan, son of Samuel, left sons: Andrzej, Jan and Mikolaj, and out of them Mikolaj, king's elector in 1697. of Ruthenian province, king's cupbearer for Nowogrod 1702 roku, had sons: Aleksander, Antoni, Dominik, Franciszek, Karol i Jozef, king's elector in 1733. of Ruthenian province; Franciszek's sons, Gabryel, a king's custodian for Sanok 1781, sword-bearer 1786., sub-prefect and the town judge1790, later regional judge 1792 for Sandomierz, and Jerzy.
Antoni, called Stepaniak, married in 1660. with Joanna Jaworski, left a son Jan, and he married Fenny Kulczycki and had a son Bazyli and from marriage with Anna Jablonski had a son Pawel, and this with Maryanna Monasterski left a son Jozef-Antoni, king's master of the pantry for Kruszwica 1784., a heir of estates Pliszczyn, Ciecierzyn, Niemce, Wolka Niemiecka, Zalesie, Lagiewniki, Turka and Lysakow, in Lublin province.
Aleksander, two Jans, Michal, Pawel Oleszkiewicz, Stefan, Teodor and Teodor Lastowczyk, the king's electors in 1669 of Przemysl Lands. Janie Chosciak's and Zofia Blazowski's sons Andrzej, king's elector in 1669 of Przemysl Lands, and Samuel. Grzegorz and Maryanna Baraniecki had sons Eliasz and Teodor in 1682, and Teodor left a son Roman.
Mikolaj called Dunicz, the standard-bearer of the Zaporozhe Army since 1669, left son Andrzej, a king's master of the pantry for Czernihow since 1689 and he and Zofia Chrzastkowski had sons: Aleksander, Jan and Krzysztof, and Jan, king's game master for Sandomierz since1702, married with Chomentowski had son Jozef, married with N. Skotnicki.
Krzysztof, son of the king's cup-bearer Andrzej, the envoy to Carogrod (Istanbul) 1725 roku, the sub-prefect of Tuczapy and the colonel in the Clavary, king's elector in 1733 from Ruthenian province, with Anna Ustrzycki had sons: Aleksander, the king's cup-bearer for Nowogrod in 1750, married with Anna Charczewska, doughter of the Slonsk castellan, (first marriage with Ossolinski, the Czchow castellan), Jozef and Prokop, the heir of the Topole estate, the sub-prefect of Tuczapy, the PM from Lviv Lands, king's elector in 1764 from Ruthenian province and his son Jozef.
Jozef, the son of the sub-prefect Andrzej, the owner of the Osiek Commons in Sandomierz province, the king's sword-bearer for Braclaw in 1740, the king's master of the pantry for Nowogrod in 1760, the Sierpc castellan in 1762, the colonel of the Crown Forces, received in 1774 estates Kniahynin, Ostrow, Budziaki, Zamlynie, Bialobrzezie, Zarudzie, Spasow i Wolice, and in 1775 the sub=prefect of Skala and in 1777 Lviv castellan; he was married with Konstancya, daughter of Michal Szczepanowski, the king's master of the pantry for Zytomierz and Konstancya Frejzer.
Grzegorz called Chosciak, living about 1600, had sons Jacek i Andrzej, Andrzej had sons: Antonii, Szymon and Stanislaw, the jezuit, 1711 with Zuzanna Dmosicka.
Jacek settled in the Sandomierz province, king's elector in 1669 from Krakow province, had with Konstancja Sulewski daughter Teresa, wife of Michal Wyszynski, and sons: Stanislaw, Szymon, the king's gamekeeper for Podlasie, MP in 1708, married with Ludwika Tulkowski had with her son Benedykt, the king's master of the pantry for Rozanie in 1751, he in turn married with Zuzanna Dunin, the king's master of the pantry for Opoczno; and Kazimierz, the king's cup bearer for Drohiczyn in 1711, after whom, with  Zofia Lanckoronski, son Jakob, the jezuit.
Stanislaw, the eldest brother, heir of estate Owczary in County of Wislica, the king's sword bearer for Zydaczow in 1711, then the king's master of the pantry for Wislica, married with Katarzyna Debinska had daughter  Katarzyna (1st marriage Tarnowska, 2nd marriage Maryan Aksak [the king's master of the pantry for Zytomierz], 3rd marriage Lanckoronski [the sub-prefect of Stobnica]), and two sons, Franciszek and Konstanty.
Franciszek, the heir of estates Malinie and Trzesna, in County of Sandomierz, the sub-prefect of Lojow, king's elector in 1733 from Sandomierz province, the treasurer in 1776, advanced from king's custodian to king's master of the pantry in 1779, in 1788 the king's standard-bearer for Wislica, married with Salomea Bratkowski, had daughter Elzbieta married to Piotr Wojna, and two sons, Antoni, baptised in 1766 in Strzyzowice and Adolf-Ignacy-Modest-Jozef, baptised in 1779 in Busko, confirmed as nobility members in Western Galicia in 1804.
Konstanty, second son of Stanislaw and Debinski, the king's sword bearer for Zydaczow and interregnum judge from Sandomierz province, king's elector in 1733, the king's master of the pantry in 1736, the king's standard bearer for Wislica in 1757, married with Maryanna Piglowski, the Oswiecim castellan daughter had sons Michal and Pawel.
Pawel, known as gentry member and good administrator, the colonel of the Crown Army, MP, military commissar, king's master of the pantry for Wislica, king's elector of 1733 from Sandomierz province, the king's standard bearer for Wisloca in 1767, castellan of Malogoszcz from 1777 and castellan of Sandomierz since 1784, the knight of the orders of St. Stanislaus and White Eagle a heir of Chocimow and Czaple, in county of Sandomierz received in 1774 estates Grzegorzewice and Zagaje; confirmed as a noble in 1804 in Western Galicia, had three daughters with Konstancja of Komorowski: Anna married to Stanislaw, the king's standard bearer for Pilzno, Petronela married to Jan Stadnicki, Marya married to Jozef Wasowicz and sons Onufry and Konstanty.
Onufry, the standard bearer then a colonel in the National Cavalry 1793, a MP in 1813 had two wives: Jadwiga of Bukowski, a daughter of the Sanok castellan and Konstancya Woynianka; he left sonf (from his second wife) Jozef, a heir of Bystrzejowice in county of Miechow, confirmed in the Kingdom in 1839 and Hipolit, a heir of Zajezierze, married with Wiktorya-Katarzyna countess Lubienska.
Konstanty, a heir of Czaple, a Town of Krakow councilman 1813, a MP 1820, confirmed in the Kingdom 1837, with Zofia of Badeni, daughter of the Krolewiec palatin had sons Pawel, Waclaw, Wincenty and Ludwik maried with Apolonia countess Alexandrowicz.
Pawel, a heir of Kurozweki, had with Emilia of Soltyk daughters Zofia and Aniela, and sons: Jan, married with Jadwiga countess Dunin-Borkowska, Pawel, Waclaw and Kazimierz.
Waclaw, a heir of Turny, married with Ewa countess Lubienska, daughter of Jan, had daughters Anna Orsetti, Adela and sons: Konstanty, Wincenty and Ignacy.
Wincenty, a son of Konstanty and Zofia Badeni, a canon and a rector of the seminary in Kielce 1856, the bishop of Plock and since 1883 an archbishop of Warsaw, died in Warsaw in 1912.
Apart from the above, Bazyli ans Jan, sons of Teodor and Anna of Zamoyski, 1681, Piotr and Stefan, sons of Mikolaj and Anna of Krolikowski 1681. Andrzej, Jakub, Jan Stanislaw, king's master of the game for Podlasie, two Szymons from Sandomierz province, Stanislaw from Ruthenian province, and Jozef from Braclaw province and Tymoteusz from Mscislaw province signed up the 1697 election (king). Remigian, the king's master of the cellar for Podlasie 1698, married with Aniela N.
Michal, the king's master of the cellar for Drohiczyn 1722, married with Anna from Debica had daughters Ewa, Faustyna, Kunegunda, and sons: Jan, Melchior, Samuel, Tomasz and Waclaw; Samuel, king's elector 1733 from Sandomierz province, received in 1741 estate Balabanowka, Korytno and Lukaszowka in Braclaw province. Eleonora, the wife of Michal Domaniewski, king's master of the pantry for Braclaw 1735.
Mikolaj called Owsianek left sons: Bazyli, Franciszek and Stefan, the king's master of the cellar for Lida 1724, after him his sons Piotr, Andrzej, Jan, two Michals and two Pawels from Ruthenian province, Franciszek from Sandomierz province and Wojciech from Krakow province, king's electors in 1733. Jozef, the king's master of the cellar for Nowogrod 1736, Jozef, son of Stefan and Anna of Wyszynski 1748, Barbara married to Jozef Peczelski, the king's master of the cellar for Ostrzeszow 1750, Jozef, Konstanty, the Radom treasurer with province of Sandomierz, Kazimierz with province of Krakow, Narcyz, the king's sword bearer for Owruck with the province of Wolyn, signed up the king's election in 1764; out of them Konstanty the king's custodian 1765 had a son Franciszek Ksawery, Lopiany sub-prefect 1789, married with Zofia of Piotrowski, and Narcyz was in 1787 the king's master of the pantry for Owruck. Jan, king's master of the cellar for Nowogrod 1778. Teresa, a wife of Kazimierz Wierzbicki, the king's master of the cellar for Latyczow 1770. Stanislaw, king's chamberlain 1779. Stefan, Tuczapy sub-prefect 1786. From Antoni and Joanna of Popiel son Augustyn, the king's master of the cellar for Pilzno, king's executive officer for Sandomierz, bought in 1789 estate Snieszkowice and was confirmed in 1804 in Western Galicia (Metr. Kor., Zap. i Wyr. Tryb. Lubel. i Piotrk., Sigil., Kancl., Akta po-Galicyjskie, Quaterniones).

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