The tables I through X are from Pawel Popiel's   Rodzina Popielow Herbu Sulima Z Przydomkiem Chosciak. Rys Historyczny (The Popiel-Sulima Clan, Family with by-name Chosciak). Krakow 1936. Nakladem Rodziny.
Mr. Popiel was not a historian and his tables have few inaccuracies.

Other tables from different sources.


Genealogy tree of Popiels.


he genealogy tree shown on many following charts is to help to link the history of a family with the history of the clan. We tried to set the tree in a manner that a generation takes one line. The dates shown in the book are shown here. In spite of frequent lack of dates, it is possible to approximate the time span when a specific generation existed, taking 35 years of average generation length or three generations per century. Those interested in linking their families with the history of the Popiel clan shall start their searches within the family documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates. The next step would be searches in the parishes of birth, marriage or death and local halls of records. It is also possible to obtain help from many local genealogy and heraldry associations.

The best result is by viewing in format DWF. It is a format good for Internet Explorer or Netscape, giving extremely compact file with zooming and scrolling capability. To use it, users of IE4 and 5.0 shall install Whip utility from Autodesk®. Users of IE5.5 and 6 shall install VoloView Express from Autodesk®. Both utilities are free.
If you do not wish to obtain those utilities, you can still view the graphics with standard browser in popular GIF format. Microsoft® PowerToys 4.0 could help with zooming capability. 

Names in red mean a prominent person. Names in blue have links to the biograms either in English [English] or in Polish [Polish]. Blue triangles indicate link to other Chart.


Format DWF Format GIF
Chart I Chart I
Chart II Chart II
Chart III Chart III
Chart IV Chart IV
Chart V Chart V
Chart VI Chart VI
Chart VII Chart VII
Chart VIII Chart VIII
Chart IX Chart IX
Chart X Chart X
Chart XI Chart XI


Genalogy tree of Levko Popiel - courtesy of Levko Popiel of Lubljana 

Chart XII

Other trees provided by Levko Popiel 

Chart XIII
Chart XIV
Chart XV
Chart XVI
Chart XVII

Following chart has been compiled based on genealogical data gathered by the Church Of the Last Day Saints and is related to the Popiels living in the past near Poznan, Poland: 

Chart XIX

Three in table XX provided by ms. Eve Popiel from Gdansk.

Chart XX


There is more information available, but mainly in YOUR hands. If your name is Popiel, Popel, Popil or Popeil, send your biograms, photos, family information, etc. to Jan Popiel. Or send info on your family member whose last name is Popiel. We will publish all of it on this site, dilligently. Published so far information on this site related to the Popiels is in fact a tiny fraction of the Popiels clan history. Let's make it bigger.


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