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Ul. Sw. Jana:

Popiel's house in Krakow

Entrance to the Popiels' house
at 20 Sw. Jana street in Krakow

Atlas supporting portal

Atlas supporting entrance
portal to the house



No.20, across the road [from numbers 11 and 15], known as the Popiel Palace or the Kollataj House (Dom Kollatajowski), was formed in 1774 by merging two burghers' houses. In the second half of the 18th.century the house was owned by the priest Hugo Kollataj. In 1817 it passed on to Kosciuszko's friend, Konstanty Popiel, alumnus of the School of Cadets, and later to his son Pawel, who took part in the 1830 Uprising. At that time the house became the centre of social life in Krakow. The facade is ornamented with a Baroque doorway, flanked by atlantes, is of a style popular in Prague and Silesia.

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