On October 2, 1618 the soldiers set their camp near Tuszyn. Shortly afterwards the Ukrainian Cossacks came led by their general Petro Konaszewicz-Sahajdaczny. On October 11, 1618 third time during this war Chodkiewicz attacked Moscow. United armies counted circa 40,000 troops and defenders had similar number of men. The storming of the Karwacka and Twerska gates ended up with attackers' defeat. Afterwards the Polish command decided to stay over the winter at Moscow and try more storming in the spring.
The winter blockade of the town could cause catastrophy of famine in the town of Czars. In addition, Cossacks roaming in the area ravaged smaller towns and villages. The Czar became prone for negotiations. After lengthy talks the armistice act was signed on December 1, 1618 in Dywilino. The Republic (Poland) was to keep lands of Smolensk, Siewierz and Czernichow.


Chodkiewicz wanted to examine spirit of the Chocim defenders and called a general meeting of the knights, commissars, senators, troop commanders and Cossack elders. Laying on a couch, almost half dead, he asked the present directly whether due to their bad strategic situation would not be better if the troops leave Chocim. The present officers became confused. Then the Cossack general Konaszewicz Sahajdaczny guessing rightfully Chodkiewicz's intention cried:
"Let's better die here for the Motherland instead of running away from the enemy, what would be a disgrace and unworthy of knights!"
That was exactly what Chodkiewicz wanted to hear. His pale, tired face lighted up with smile.

The Turks did not conquest Chocim and agreed for peace on advantageous for the Republic conditions.

by Klaudiusz Wesolek

Petro Konaszewycz Sahajdaczny (?-1622), Cossack general 1616-1619 and 1621. Supporter of Polish interest in Ukraina. Became famous because his raids against Turkish possessions on the Black Sea shore. In 1617 he lost his position for a few months to J. Barabasz.

In 1618 leading 20 thousands Cossacks he immensely helped the king's son Władysław Waza in his expedition against Russia, attacking and ravaging lands of Riazan. In 1619 he convinced rebelling Cossacks to sign a Rastawice agreement with S. Żłkiewski. Debarred his office by his political adversaries, in 1621 he was again chosen a general and Commander-in-Chief he lead 30-thousand Cossack army at the battle of Chocim (1621).

(Wielka Encyklopedia Medialna


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