The Popiels were members of the Ruthenian Orthodox Church since 14th till the end of 17th century. Then some of them joined Greek Catholic Church, which was established in 1596 and some became Roman Catholics.

The act of election of the bishop of Lwow, Halicz and Kamieniec Podolski by the clergy and nobles of the Ruthenia and Podole provinces in Lviv on April 5, 1641.



e the clergy, the chapter, nobility, citizens of the provinces of Ruthenia, Podole, lands of Lwow, Halicz and Kamieniec Podolski, summoned by His Reverence Lord Father Piotr Mohila, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Kijow, Halicz and all Ruthenia privileged superior Shepherd per our laws and liberties proper to our ancient Nation of Eastern Orthodox religion, free election after death of holy remembrance Reverend Father Jeremiasz Tesarowski, Eastern Orthodox bishop of Lwow, Halicz and Kamieniec Podolski, for the throne of the Lwow's Bishop ordered for the 5th day of April per old calendar, we arrived at the usual place of such election in the church of Saint George the Martyr, of Lwow, and by the God's See and His holy will and by the Holy Spirit's call, in concert and unanimously by the clergy and nobility without any contradiction among us, the nobles, His Lordship Andrzej Zeliborski and His Lordship Daniel Balaban, pious and worthy men and of our ancient Greek religion, and knowing not any objections according to the Holy Fathers' canons, for the said Lwow, Halicz and Kamieniec Podolski diocese these Lordships we appointed candidates. These Lordships, let the Almighty Lord by His holy will direct and allow them to work diligently for our Church glory, we appoint and unanimously ask His Royal Highness and Majesty that these candidates selected according to common laws we humbly present to His Royal Majesty our Lord and Liege, were by His Royal Majesty looked upon favorably in light of  the our religion laws and liberties approved and a privilege for the ingress upon the Lwow, Halicz and Kamieniec Podolski bishopric throne granted, so that the privileged will receive bishop's Sacra and will be consecrated by His Reverence Father Piotr Mohila, Archbishop Metropolitan of Kijow, Halicz and all Ruthenia superior and true Shepherd, per Eastern-rite Orthodox apostolic Church observance and Holy Fathers' canons he will be able to accept and receive said consecration. That election was in concert and unanimously voted by all clergy and nobility, citizens of the provinces of Ruthenia and Podole without any contradiction, which fact we state and prove by our true signatures of all present and by impressing all due seals. Lwow, 1641.

Piotr Mohila, Archbishop Metropolitan of Kijow, Halicz and all Ruthenia by his hand. Leontiusz Szczycik Zaleski, hegumen of Bratsk Luck, Crown Metropolitan Lieutenant. Heliasz Izaiasz Sulatycki of Sulatycze, Archimandrite of Uniow and Uhernik convent. Ioil Broszniowski, hegumen of Holy Trinity in Rudnyki. Neofit Laskowieckij, lieutenant of Bratsk and  Luck. Samuel Rogala, preacher of Lwow. Aleksander Prokopowicz personally and for His lordship Gabriel Langysz and all Colleges of Bratsk and Stawropig, salvis iuribus in toto Town of Lviv Church. Jerzy Balaban. Jerzy Zamoyski. Prokop and Mikolaj Tyssarowski. Andrzej, Mikolaj and Samuel Czolhanski. Theodor, Prokop, Iwan, Fedor Winnicki. Stephan, Heljasz, Pawel and Ioan Szumlanski. Iwan i Fedor Zurakowski. Iwan Berezowski. Iwan Srutynski. Adam Wasilkowski. Piotr Korytynski. Sien Zagwoyski. Aleksander Sulatycki. Heliasz Raczynski. Prokop Demidecki. Hryhorij Kopczynskij. Stefan Zaplatynski. Ferenc, Bazyli, Jurij, Lukasz, Piotr and Jerzy Rozniatowski. Bazyli Wyslobocki. Stefan, Jerzy and Aleksander Witwicki. Heliasz and Mikolaj Swistelnicki. Bohdan Ihnatowicz. Piotr of Szumlany. Jeremiasz, Jarosz and Mikolaj Kirnicki. Hryhorij and Mikolaj Bratkowski. Teodor Balickij. Michal Strutynski. Berlicz, Ferenc and Iwan Podwysocki. Stanislaw Szumenskij. Aleksander Balicki. Ioan and Andrzej Grabowiecki. Bazyli i Andrij Swaryczowski. Ioan Korczynski. Jan Terlecki. Iwan and Tomasz Lozinski. Jan Rudnicki. Fedor Jasnicki. Jan Sawicz, Iwan and Stefan Skorodenski. Adam Chlopecki. Stanislaw Szeptycki. Piotr Bandrowski. Semen Jasniski. Pawel Predymirskij. Jan Przedymirski with all brothers. Siemion Kalnofojskij with all brothers. Iwan Putiatynskij with all brothers. Mikolaj Kurzanski. Adam Wasilkowski. Wasilij Kamianeckij. Hrehory Duchowski. Bazyli Mytko with all brothers. Iwan Kozuchowskij. Wasko and Mikolaj Jaworski. Adam Dzierzyk. Jan Dunkowski. Piotr Tustanowski. Marko Turzanski. Iwan Nowosielecki. Iwan Polianskij. Jacko, Roman, Iwan and Hryhorij Popiels. Gabriel and Fedor Kulczycycki. Iwan Kulczycki with all brothers. Iwan Czerneckij. Prokop, Janko and Aleksander Kropiwnicki. Bazyli Kopystenski. Teodor Bojarski. Iwan, Jordan and Michal Dobrianski. Petr Dubrowskij. Jakub and Wojciech Golianski. Benedykt Poplawski. Wojciech Szemski(?). Gabriel Langisz.
Also, signatures of clergy.

[original in Lwow, St. Onufry's Convent library. Published by Petruszewicz: "Swodnaja Hal.-rus. litopys" I, s. 87-91]

in: Waclaw Lipinski, Z dziejow Ukrainy. Ksiega pamiatkowa. Kijow 1908.s.135-136

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