obra Szlachecka near Sanok was a nest of the Ruthenian clan Dobrzanski using coat of arms SAS and Leliwa, having by-names Demkowicz, Hnatusko, Stalony, Nisiewicz, Dziurdziewicz, Sokolowicz, Hubal. The estate records show that at least since XVII century there were inhabitants named Popiels. They aparently moved from nearby village Popiele which they sold in 1431. The Popiels were using coat of arms SAS and SULIMA and used to marry women from mostly Dobrzanski, Demkowicz and Sokolowicz families. Part of Popiels remained Greek Catholics, while others became Roman Catholics. All Popiels involuntarily left Dobra in 1947 during so called Action Wisla, a measure undertaken by the Polish communist government against Ukrainians. The action in fact included and harmed all inhabitants of the Polish South-Eastern frontier, without consideration for actual nationality. Three Popiel families returned to Dobra later. Presently Roman Popiel and Jan Popiel with respective families are living in Dobra. First meeting of former Dobra inhabitants was held in Dobra on August 3 and 4, 1991, which was attended by close to 300 people from six countries, including Popiels from England, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Germany and Poland. The idea of the meeting came from Mr. Jan Popiel from New York, a descendant of the Popiels of Ratne, one of sixteen hamlets around Dobra. The third meeting was held in Dobra in 1997, also organized by Mr. Jan Popiel. The photo below shows the Popiels from Poland, Ukraine, England and USA during the third meeting. First from left is Jan Popiel, a co-author of The Popiels Internet site. The next meeting of Popiels and former Dobra inhabitants is planned for June 27 and 28, 2000.
On June 28th, former inhabitants of Dobra will celebrate 600 anniversary of the privilleges by king Jagiello (text at www.dobra.org).

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