Popiel Jerzy (1933-), a professional engineer, a glider pilot. In 1953 he set a world record of  541 km flight for two-seat gliders class. In 1960 and 1963 World Cup in gliding he was second.

In April 1950 Jerzy Popiel did first flight from Maly Gadow. In the fall when he attended a camp in Jezow Sudecki, Jerzy Popiel exceeded the flight level by 3000 m and this way he amended his Gold Pin. In 1953 r. J. Popiel took first place at Poland Cup. Also, he exceeded A. Pawlikiewicz's record flying with a passenger, Adolf Siemaszkiewicz, 541.3 km and set Poland's record of flight speed along the 100 km triangle. In 1953 r. J. Popiel obtain first in the Wroclaw Aeroclub, Diamond Pin. In  1955 r. J. Popiel with a group of Polish specialists went to China where he trained China first flight instructors. 

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