"Wprost", the most popular weekly in Poland, Aug. 13, 2000 issue in Intermedia department:

The Popiels
Nobody would think about better information on history of the legendary king Popiel clan than his descendants. Two Popiels: Jan and Slawomir prepared a site on it, which is exploding with information. The Authors took seriously a fact that as they write, circa 2000 people bears this name and they prepared the history of the Clan. Jan gathered documents and Slawomir took on photography. On the site we find the genealogy of the mice-eaten king and his family, facts on the Popiels' religion and their courts, maps od the locations where villages named, after their owners, Popiele, exists. The Popiels from Kurozweki and Czaple Wielkie will find there their photos.

(The editor's error: Slawomir's task was coding, not photography - sp)

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Jan Popiel  
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