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Earliest historic notes on Popiel family

Genealogy tree

King Jagiello's grant

The Popiels sell their village in 1431

King Jagiello consents to the sale of village

Confirmation of the king Jagiello's grant by king Zygmunt August

Restitution of Kotow to the Popiels by king Zygmunt August

Popiels' religion

Pawel Popiel's book on the Clan

Krakow trace

General map, villages Popiele

Village Popiele near Sanok-the map

Village Popiele near Drohobycz, Ukraine - the map

Village Popiele near Drohobycz, Ukraine - the photographs

Niesiecki about Popiels

Sewryn Uruski's Armorial - extract

The Popiels and the Piasts

Galicia nobility registry

The Popiels from Tustanowicze

Kings' electors

Biograms of some Popiels

Hruszevskij on Popiels and Red Ruthenia

Popiels' historic mansions

Genealogical elaboration of Eugeniusz Popiel from Warsaw

The Popiels in Kurozweki

The Popiels in Czaple Wielkie

The Popiels in Dobra Szlachecka

The Popiels in Romania
(by Mircea Popel)



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