ulczyckis were neighbors to the Radilowskis from the East. They were petty gentry, serving richer landlords, however, they held offices such as king's Master of the Hunt; probably they were responsible for certain forrest services for the king during his stay in the Oziminy in Sambor region. First of known personalities is Hryc Smietanka  venator with his brother Andrzej and probably with his son Piotr - witnesses of the 1425 case related to the borders between sambor and certain Order (Agz. VI, nr 14, XIII, nr 457). After certain time Zanko and his brother Hryc are in the court in 1489 to prove their nobility (Ib. XVIII, nr 3595). Zanko supposed to prove his nobility in 1479 (Boniecki, herbarz XIII, str.135). Brothers Procz and Michno left Fedko (1501) and Andrzej and Iwan (1499) (Agz. XVIII, nr 2056, 2749, 2783, 3603, 3855). Duchna, wife of one of Kulczyckis came from Czarnota-Dolinskis 1489 (Ib. XVIII, nr 3588). Stefan, Andrzej and Michal are recorded as owners of Kulczyce in 1508 and 1515 (Zrodla dziejowe XVIII/1, str.115, 140). They had also interest in Wielka Bilina  ( Agz. XVIII, nr 2956). Jacek Kulczycki was granted right of location of village Smolnik in Sanok Beskid (Hruszewski M., materialy do istorii suspilno-politycznych i ekonom. widnosyn zachidnoj Ukrainy, czast I. Lviw 1906, nr 69); settling there as major freeholder and establishing lineage of Smolnicki.
Probably the Kulczyckis had no records showing their rights to Kulczyce. When in 1556 ownership rights of the freeholders were revised, among others also Kulczyce were subject of revision, numerous family neighbors witnessed authenticity of a clumsily fabricated act allegedly issued by Prince Leo, granting village Kulczyce as a simple fee to his servant Melentij Turkowicz, "with all profits", which were listed with great detail (Zapiski Tow. im. Szewczenka T. 45, str. 21). Either the "document' was found unsatisfactory or was it lost, at the end of next century (1696) they produced for the court even more dubious "grant" from Prince Leo, this time issued to Melentij Jurkiewicz with exact and accurate description of metes and bounds and other topographical features (Ibidem). Culminant absurdity was use in the act of a phrase (in Rusyn in original document) "I grant to Melentij a right to use Sas as his arms". It was unnecessary since not their nobility was questioned and this matter was settled long time ago (Herold Polski 1906, str. 218, fig. 1268, 1269. Semkowicz Wl., Wywody szlachectwa w Polsce XIV-XVII w. str.191, nr 262-263. (Rocznik Tow. Herald. T. III) that they are members of the Sas clan.


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