he House of the Sas Krynicki was established in Krynica, North-East of Drohobycz in 1402 by a grant to certain Szandro Woloch alias Alexander (Boniecki, Herbarz XIII. 374. The author supported his claim from some kind of record). Woloch took part in the 1427 congress (Notaty, nr 813), and then he let Hryc and Szymek to take over the estate. Hryc married in 1436 Anastazja, a stepdaughter of Chodko Holowenczyc from Przerosl, which after becaming a widow, married again certain Ryczko from Stupnica in 1443 ( AGZ XII, nr 124, 210, XIII, nr 1868). Szymek took also a widow after Kruszelnicki, Tatiana, a heiress of Skole and Tuchla (Ib. XIII, nr 1051). Her Claim to Kruszelnicy and patrimony in Skole were a subject of many-years investigation by a court (Ib. XIII, nr 2292, 2480, 2668, 2737). Hryc left a single heir, Klimek, who was brought up by his mother in Stupnica for two years and later upon becoming adolescent, he received a part of Stupnica as co-ownership by an agreement with Szymek in 1443 (Ib. XIII, nr 1867). In 1478 he took Katarzyna from Czolowice as wife (Ib. XIII, nr 1051). Szymek had four children: Iwanko, Fedko, Anna, a wife to the heir of Melnow in 1471 and Marusia, which married Jurko Hoszowski (Ib. XIII, nr 5208, XVIII, nr 146-147). It is known that the siblings let Jurko in to Kawsk and Tuchla, and they themselves moved temporarily to leased in 1471 from the Buczackis Ksiaz. (Ib. XII, nr 3534-35). Iwasko left marusia Tustanowska on Krynica and Slawsko (Ib. XVII, nr 1801). Klimek's son was also named Iwanko and married in 1480 Anastazja Bratkowska from Stryj. (Ib. XVIII, nr 1318-19). His brother Wasko is mentioned in 1492 (Ib. XVIII, nr 2223). After one of Szymkowiczs were Ilko and Roman, taking part in court session in 1529 (Ib. XVIII, nr 3940, XIX, str. 579). Eljasz and senko Krynickis paid a tax from Krynica in 1552; then they imprinted their seal with arms Sas (Wittyg, Nieznana szlachta, str. 160).


w: Ludwik Wyrostek, Rod Dragow-Sasow...

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