The Popiels in gen. Haller's army.
Names obtained from the site of the Polish Genealogical Society od America, at


uring first days of January 1919 Soviet Russia attacked Poland. Poland was not prepared for war since as a state, Poland was in existence for barely two months. With the efforts of the General National Committee (Naczelny Komitet Narodowy) and its Paris agency, a voluntary army was organized in France, whose officers and soldiers were World War I veterans from allied armies, of Polish ancestry or Poles. The army was well trained by the French instructors, equipped and armed. General Joseph Haller was appointed it's commanding officer . The army counted circa 50,000 troops. Also, a part of Bayonne Legion (Polish troops fighting during WWI as a part of the Legion d'Etrangere) joined Haller's army. The army arrived to Poland in April 1919 and took part in the war campaign against Soviet armies.(sp)


Popiel, Andrzej Cleveland OH USA
Popiel, Julian Herkimer NY USA


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